AM exams start at 9am and PM exams start at 1pm.

May 2017

15thVTCT Hair and Beauty exam this week
16thPMScience - Biology
17thBTEC Social care exam?
18thScience - Chemistry
19thOCR Sport course work or exam?
22ndAMEnglish Literature
23rdBTEC Social care exam?
24thPMScience - Physics
25thBTEC T&T coursework needs to be completed
AMMathematics - Non Calculator
26thAMEnglish Literature

  • Open Evening - TBA

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June 2017

05thAMHistory 1B
06thAMEnglish Lang
08thAMMathematics - Calculator
09thAMAdd Science - Biology
12thAMEnglish Language
13thAMMathematics - Calculator
14thAMAdd Science - Chemistry
PMHistory - 2C
15thWJEC Construction exam or coursework to be completed
16thAMAdd Science - Physics
20thAMHistory 3B