Stephenson Studio School offers a new and unique way of learning for 14-16 year olds of all abilities, who often learn more efficiently by taking a more hands-on role.

Our school is located in Coalville, Leicestershire and is sponsored by Stephenson College. We operate more like a workplace than a school. By imitating working conditions, such as working hours, and offering learners work placements, we hope to ease the transition into employment for all our learners.

With great links with local industry and employers, Stephenson Studio School can offer a range of academic and vocational qualifications as well as work placements designed and delivered by local employers, providing young people with the skills and the confidence to form and achieve their dreams.

Student Pledge

I pledge:

  • To be positive, resilient and not make excuses
  • To treat all staff and the school environment with respect
  • To be kind, supportive and respectful to all students, regardless of our differences
  • To work hard, to be the best that I can be

I am proud to be Stephenson!


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CREATE Framework

The CREATE Framework is embedded into all aspects of teaching and learning at Stephenson Studio School. Through lessons, work experience and tutorial time it develops the key workplace skills our learners use the CREATE Framework to become confident and self-reliant individuals.

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Our Curriculum

What we offer

Project Based Learning

Studio School Project Based Learning works to accelerate students’ learning across the curriculum by developing skill sets such as independent research, presentation skills and speaking and listening skills.

Students work through the following levels of competency. We would expect a Year 10 student to begin as an Apprentice (A) and develop through the framework towards Coach (C) at Post 16.

  • Apprentice (A)
  • Advanced Apprentice (AA))
  • Expert(E)
  • Coach (C)

Project Based Learning supports the development of employability skills as outlined in the Studio School CREATE Skills framework. Working examples include:

  • Communication
    Focusing on relevant information and communicating it effectively to different audiences
  • Relating to Others
    Working as part of a team; not necessarily who you would usually choose to work with
  • Enterprise
    Think of a great idea, plan it clearly, put your plan in to action and then evaluate the result
  • Applied Environments
    Providing opportunities for students to link projects to all aspects of their lives
  • Thinking
    Applying structured thought processes to your research and responses
  • Emotional Intelligence
    Understanding your own and others’ place in your immediate and wider world

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