Important News - Coronavirus (COVID-19)

UPDATE 30/06/2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As per the previously shared timetables for current Year 10 students, a combination of; in-school lessons, video lessons and remote learning will continue until the end of term. Please see further details below.

(This is in line with advice from the Local Authority and directive from HMG.)

Students currently in Year 9 and transitioning into Year 10 will continue with our online Moodle transition programme.

In line with HMG guidelines, we are working on our plan for all students to be in school from September.

Stay alert, control the virus, save lives.

With kind regards,

Mr Hobbs


School Re-opening Letter (Year 10) - Click Here

Year 10 Re-opening

From the 29th of June school will be re-opening for Year 10 students.

As you will appreciate, government guidelines and our desire to keep all students, parents and staff safe, require us to be creative in our approach to the provision we offer.

Current government guidelines stipulate that there should be no more than 25% of a cohort in school at any one time, and that all students who are in school should abide by the two metres social distancing rule.

We will be offering:

* 3 hours face-to-face daily tuition for most Year 10 students

* The continuation of the twice-daily Zoom lessons for all students

Students have been divided into five distinct groups. Some of these groups will access the 3 hour face-to-face provision in the morning, while some will access it in the afternoon.

If a student attends the morning face-to-face tuition, we will expect them to also attend the afternoon Zoom lesson. If they attend the afternoon session, we will expect them to also attend the morning Zoom session.

If they do not return to school on the 29th because you are shielding, they will be expected to continue attending both morning and afternoon Zoom lessons and monitoring the work set via email and the school Moodle.

Please be aware, that these times and arrangements may change as we come to a greater understanding of which students will be in school and in consideration of changes to government guidelines. We will endeavour to inform you of any changes as soon as we can so that you can suitably plan your child's return to school.

Students will not be expected to wear school uniform to school. This is to help you ensure that your child wears a clean set of clothes each day. We expect all students to be sensibly dressed and professional in their appearance, as is appropriate for a business/work focused school.

Students will be provided a bottle of water by the school. DO NOT bring a a bottle of water and or any food items into school yourself. There will be no access in the school to drinking fountains, the canteen or vending machines.

FSM vouchers will continue to be provided. Any queries about FSM vouchers should be directed to Mr J. Brooks.

Students should not bring a bag to school. All equipment will be on the students' desks and will be used solely by them.

Students will not share desks or computers with other students to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

Thanks, Stephenson Studio School.

Coronavirus - National Voucher Scheme

Dear Parents/Carers

We recognise that circumstances may have changed for many of our families over the last few weeks and you may have read in the news about vouchers that are being made available for children who are eligible for free school meals. If you feel that you have become eligible for free school meals then please use the link to apply for free school meals and information about the food vouchers. The food vouchers are currently worth £15.00 per week per eligible child.

Free School Meals Information for Parents

Application for Free School Meals

With kind regards

Mr Hobbs

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