Studio Schools are a new type of state school for 14-19 year olds. As a Studio School we are pioneering in our approach to education - focusing on narrowing the gap between the skills young people need to succeed in their careers, and what is taught by the current education system. Stephenson Studio School is proud to be part of a growing family of over 40 Studio School across the country.

Here at Stephenson Studio School we offer traditional academic qualifications such as GCSEs alongside vocational qualifications and work experience placements with local employers. Our school day models the working day followed by many local businesses with learners in school from 8:30 am until 3:00 pm.

This holistic approach we follow at Stephenson Studio School to a young person’s development means they leave the school as well-rounded individuals; ready for a smooth transition into their future careers or university study.

As well as supporting students’ key employability skills, Stephenson Studio School fosters creativity, adaptability, grit and resilience, which help all our learners overcome the challenges facing them in the workplace.


The CREATE Framework is embedded into all aspects of teaching and learning at Stephenson Studio School. Through lessons, work experience and tutorial time it develops the key workplace skills our learners need to become confident and self-reliant individuals. The CREATE Framework is made up of six themes:

Create Letters

At Stephenson Studio School we use the CREATE Skills Passport which enables learners to build up a portfolio of achievements and attainment from inside school, work experience and outside school that is linked to the CREATE Framework.

Completion of the Passport is a key goal for every student at the school.