August 2019

27th - 28thStaff Training Day
29thSchool opens for year 10’s start

September 2019

2ndYear 11’s and 12’s start

October 2019

11thSchool closes for half term
14th - 18thHalf Term Break
21stSchool opens

December 2019

20thSchool closes at 12.30pm for end of term

January 2020

6thSchool opens

February 2020

14thSchool closes for half term
17th - 21stHalf Term Break
24thSchool opens

April 2020

3rdSchool closes at 12.30pm for end of term
20thSchool opens

May 2020

4thMay Day Bank Holiday
22ndSchool closes for half term
25th - 29thHalf Term break

June 2020

1stSchool Opens

July 2020

14thSchool Closes at 12.30pm