At Stephenson Studio School, our vision above all else is to inspire all our learners to achieve their best, through perseverance and self-motivation. We achieve this by providing the best possible learning experiences and environment along with valuable work experience placements to all our learners. We equip all our learners with the practical skills and academic knowledge they need, so they are well prepared for their next steps; whether that is further education, work, training or an apprenticeship.



We endeavour to help our young people develop a thirst for learning and by so doing, help them to become confident people who have all the necessary skills and attributes to enable them to succeed in adult life.

Our curriculum model equips young people with key employability skills. We are resolute in our aim of developing the ‘whole person’ to enable our young people to successfully continue onto the next phase of their lives.



Be resolute in maintaining high expectations leading to academic and technical excellence and outstanding progress for all.

Provide a distinctive, flexible and personalised learning experience. We will achieve this through a carefully designed and specialised curriculum with relevant qualifications which build upon a strong core curriculum.

Equip with learner’s strong literacy and numeracy skills that prepare them for future success.

Offer consistently outstanding teaching and learning that is rooted in the real world, closing that gap between knowledge and skills.

Promote a business-like ethos and culture of high aspirations and expectations for both staff and students whilst simultaneously developing learners professional and employability skills within the CREATE framework.

Ensure a financially viable and sustainable future for the school by increasing student numbers and practicing enterprise.

Utilise project-based learning, the concept of enquiring teachers / enquiring learners and a commitment to maturing a growth mind-set within all learners in developing the 'whole person'.

Ensure excellent careers guidance and links to local employers leading to well-planned work placements, real world experience and impressive destinations.



Stephenson Studio School is a dynamic and exciting place to learn where everyone can overcome challenges and strive for success. This is underpinned with our specialism in vocational and skills-based learning.

We place a huge emphasis on team work and developing an environment where all learners feel part of the school, have ownership of their environment and are advocates for Stephenson Studio School in our local and wider community.

Learners adopt behaviours found in the workplace and have responsibility for monitoring their progress with support and guidance from their Personal Coach and tutors.

Good teaching and learning are core values in the school, with the individual learning needs, outcomes and experiences of learners firmly placed at the centre of everything we do. We have very clear expectations for learners to carefully consider the written and verbal feedback from their tutors so they are clear as to what is required of them to improve and show that they are making progress. Learners are supported in setting challenging targets for themselves to drive their own personal improvement and continually evaluate their progress towards the realisation of these targets.

Literacy, Numeracy and Communication skills are evident in all areas of the learner’s experiences; allowing them to develop important life skills which are underpinned by new technologies.

Our learners develop resilience and determination to allow them to overcome adversity and are challenged in constructive ways to provide opportunities for reflection of their progress.



The CREATE Framework is embedded into all aspects of teaching and learning at Stephenson Studio School. Through lessons, work experience and tutorial time it develops the key workplace skills our learners need to become confident and self-reliant individuals. The CREATE Framework is made up of six themes:

Create Letters

At Stephenson Studio School we use the CREATE Skills Passport which enables learners to build up a portfolio of achievements and attainment from inside school, work experience and outside school that is linked to the CREATE Framework.

Completion of the Passport is a key goal for every student at the school.