Our Year 10 and Year 11 learners study a range of GCSEs and vocational qualifications. Our curriculum also includes non-qualification study and learning focussed on preparing learners for life and work when they leave school. These ’employability skills’ are based upon the unique Studio Schools CREATE framework and include extensive work to develop learners' spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness and activity. This includes preparing our students to positively approach life in modern Britain.

Subjects available at Stephenson Studio School include:

  • Core Subjects: English Language, English Literature, Maths, Science
  • Additional Vocational Subjects: Business Studies, Employability, Work Skills
  • Work Related Vocational Subjects: Hair & Beauty, Construction, Motor Vehicle
  • Personal and Community Development: PSHE, Personal Development, PE


At Stephenson Studio School our curriculum offer, our approach to teaching and the experience our learners receive is very different to traditional schools and colleges.

We believe every young person is unique.

We personalise the curriculum on offer in our school in response to the needs and aspirations of each learner. Bespoke pathways can be developed for learners by our team of coaches and partners to ensure every young person embarks upon an aspiration journey that fits them as an individual.

In all cases we are concerned with meaningful progression into employment, either directly from the school through further training, FE courses or apprenticeships.

Please find our Apprenticeship Pathway Prospectus here

Please find our Access Pathway Prospectus here