Welcome to the Stephenson Studio School. I feel truly fortunate to be leading such a dedicated staff team and wonderful student body in this exciting, innovative environment.

At Stephenson Studio School we help our young people develop a thirst for learning. In doing so, we help them to become confident people who have all the necessary skills and attributes to enable them to succeed in adult life.

Stephenson Studio School is designed to equip young people with the knowledge, skills and experiences they will need to succeed in both life and work

The model has been developed in partnership with local and national employers, the country’s leading education agencies and partners from up and down the country.

At Stephenson Studio School our aim is to tackle two key challenges that can prevent young people making the most of their time in school.

The first challenge is how to maximise the time that our students spend in school. Our curriculum model with its strong emphasis on Project Based Learning and employability skills; both supported by the CREATE framework, help our young people get the most out of their school time.

Stephenson Studio School is custom-built around the way our young people learn. Not everyone is able to do their best in a traditional classroom setting. By using innovative teaching and small class sizes we ensure every student has a personalised programme of study that supports maximum learning gains, not just in school but for their lives beyond.

The second challenge is how we prepare students for success beyond school and university. Our highly successful internship programme prepares our students for successful working lives. Meaningful and challenging work experience is a key part of our curriculum.

We believe that education delivered through the Studio School CREATE skills framework and project-based learning approach, linked to our industrial partners provides our students with the greatest possible life chances and opportunities to develop life-long learning skills.

We are resolute in our belief that every student deserves an inclusive learning experience that is tailored to meet their individual needs and to help them progress to the next stage of their learning or working life.

We are committed in ensuring that the Stephenson Studio School delivers the very highest standards in all that it does, creates a culture of high aspiration amongst all members of its community and enables all students to become lifelong learners and be the best that they can be.

Keith Hobbs

Head Teacher

Keith Hobbs