Stephenson Studio School is a 14-19 school in Coalville, Leicestershire. We are located on the main Stephenson College site.

We are committed to exacting high standards, raising attainment and demanding creative excellence from its staff and learners. At Stephenson Studio School we are driven to ensure that learner success is at the core of all our work. We provide a vibrant and engaging curriculum which promotes the love of learning and prepares young people for the next steps in their lives.

We believe that through careful planning and opportunities for the very best learning, learners at Stephenson Studio School will make outstanding progress.

We will rigorously check all learners are making progress in their learning and intervene decisively to remove any barriers to their progress and achievement.

We know that by working hard and aspiring to excellence in all we do, everyone at Stephenson Studio School will achieve the best possible outcomes and success. We are ambitious and aspirational for our staff and learners; we believe passionately that every pupil will succeed and are committed to equality of opportunity.

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Students Walking