School Closure - Post Listening Period

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Letter to current parents

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Frequently Asked Questions

Current Students

  1. My son is currently in year 10, how will this affect his GCSEs next year!! Where is he meant to go to school for his last year!! My son has thrived in this school, it has built his confidence so much. This school has done wonders for him and loves going to the school and the work placement.
    • As per letter dated 14/06/2023, the school closure is not planned until 31st August 2024. All current year 10 students will be able to complete their education at Stephenson Studio School. We look forward to continuing to support our students to thrive.
  2. Will the school maintain its current educational standard during this closure period?
    • The school remains committed to delivering the best possible educational experience for its learners during this period.
  3. Is it definite that the school won’t close until Aug 2024.
    • The closure process is working towards the date of 31st August 2024. There are no plans to close prior to this date.
  4. What will happen when GCSE results are in? Will advice still be available?
    • The school will celebrate results with Year 11 students on Thursday 22nd August 2024 and students will continue to receive advice and guidance.

Prospective Students

  1. Will my child be able to complete year 10? And look for somewhere else to complete year 11?
    • Providing the school can meet individual need then this is an option. However, it is noteworthy that finding a school place in year 11 can be particularly challenging.
  2. How does this affect my child? What happens in year 11, if school closes?
    • You would need to find a new school for your child in year 11. The school would have to attempt to assimilate them into their curriculum and timetable.
  3. Where is there another school that offers this?
    • We are unaware of any local provision that offers; 20% workplacement, 20% vocational curriculum, and learning support in each lesson.
  4. My child does not thrive in a "school" environment what will happen now?
    • It is important that you work with your current school to ensure that your child is supported to thrive at school.
  5. Why did u accept new admissions for 2023 if u knew it was no longer viable?
    • The school is working with the local authority to ensure that no student is disadvantaged because they applied to the school.
  6. What happens now with school places? What does this mean for my child who is due to start at Stephenson studio in September 2023? I have a daughter who is due to start in September, will the school still be open to her gif year 10, and what will happen for her year 11?
    • The local authority has written to each parent who applied for a year 10 Stephenson place for Sept 2023 outlining options. They are supporting these parents to stay at current school if wish to, or move to another school, if wish to.
  7. My son is struggling in mainstream school and would benefit from a hands-on, practical approach to learning. He isn't interested in any of the year 10 options his current school are offering. He has been looking forward to starting Studio School and being able to leave education with vocational skills in addiction to academic.
    • Stephenson Studio School is a mainstream school. It is important that you work with your current school to ensure that your child is supported to thrive at school.
  8. What happens with my daughter now? I have no other school to send her to? Does she still start with you in September then you find her somewhere else for year 11?
    • The local authority have provided a suite of options in their letter to you which includes; staying on a current school, and moving to a new school. All children have a right to a school place and the local authority will work with you to find a place. We will not be in a position as a school to "find her a place (at another school) in year 11".