• This course is not running anymore.


GCSE History

Subject Overview

As an optional subject, Applied History is graded using the new 9 - 1 criteria where 9 is the highest grade achievable and 1 being the lowest.

In this course you will study three units:

Unit 1: British History

  • The People's Health c 1250 to present
  • The Elizabethans

Unit 2: History Around Us

  • This includes a trip to a chosen site and an exploration of its historical significance

Unit 3: World History

  • The Making of America 1789-1900
  • Living Under the Nazi Rule 1933-1945

All learners are expected to complete one howework task each week.

Learners will be following the History B (Schools History Project) specification from the OCR website

How is the course assessed?

Learners will complete three exams at the end of year 11:

  • Unit 1: British History 40% (1 hour 45 mins)
  • Unit 2: History Around Us 20% (1 hour)
  • Unit 3: World History 40% (1 hour 45 mins)


Applied History

Subject overview

For Applied History we follow the OCR specification.You can see more information about this course on the OCR website - www.ocr.co.uk

There are four units to study:

  1. Raiders and Invaders: Anglo Saxons, Vikings and Normans.
  2. International History: Holocaust
  3. Heritage Marketing: King Richard III: Man or Monster?
  4. Changes of Time: Crime and Punishment between 1800 and 1900

How is the course assessed?

There is no exam, but there is an externally assessed assignment on Raiders and Invaders which you can prepare for, and bring in research. This will take place over 4 hours and is worth 25% of the final grade.

There are also three pieces of controlled assessment work. Each piece of controlled assessment work is worth 25% of your final grade.

There is also a piece of field work that needs to be completed for the Heritage Marketing unit.

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